137 Pink Ladies!

Would you like to sponsor one of these outfits?!
All eight of the outfits I had on this trip have now been distributed, to support people working in the fishing industry on Oshika. Thanks goes to Miyabi Arashi Taiko Group, Barbara Manning & Tours Japan, General Union, Freya McLuckie, Leza Lowitz & Sun & Moon Yoga, and Rochelle Kopp & Japan Intercultural Consulting. This brings the total outfits distributed now to 137! Thank you all so much!
I’ve heard about more people that would really appreciate these so if you’d like to show your support of the people working in the fishing industry on Oshika please let me know. Each complete outfit costs ¥20,000 (about £130 or $180), and are made in Japan. The ones I get have a reputation here for being extremely hardwearing, and last years. Each outfit has a badge on the front, with the name of the sponsor. You can sponsor an outfit in your name or the name of a loved one, or in the name of your group or organisation. Please let me know if you’d like to sponsor one and give some practical (and bright and cheerful!) support to someone working in the fishing industry here. Thank you!

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