20 years being self-employed

Today I realized that this month marks twenty years of being self-employed. In the past twenty years I have published magazines, books, built online communities, represented artists, organized events, consulted for small businesses, and conducted seminars and one-to-one life-coaching. At one time I had twenty employees. I now find myself in a completely different world … making pickles and chutneys, mainly by myself.

Of all the businesses I have worked on, I would NEVER have imagined that making pickles and chutneys would bring me so much happiness, so little stress, and be so rewarding on so many levels, including financial, something which has never been a motivating factor for me in any of my businesses. I have recently filed my third year of accounts and was amazed to discover that Auntie Caroline’s has grown 400% since my first year.

To all the entrepreneurs out there who are wondering when they will find “the one” (and by that I mean the business that brings you EVERYTHING you need in life) it took me twenty years but I got there. And to everyone that has ever thought about being self-employed … just go for it. The people you will meet along the way will make all the ups and downs worthwhile. I have met and worked with some amazing people from all over the world who have become life-long friends, and some have become like family … this is the common thread in ALL of my businesses. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my career, which, as a self-employed person, meant becoming part of my life.

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