Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

This domestic violence disclosure scheme is a brilliant idea. I’m sure we will see more people with abusive pasts having to disclose them but in the meantime, if something about that new special someone “doesn’t quite add up” and you find yourself ignoring any red flags, it may be worth doing a little bit of research yourself. Statements submitted to court to apply for non-molestation or occupancy orders (commonly called injunctions) are available on request. Police stations carry records of anyone in that area that has had an injunction against them and will disclose that fact if you are requesting it in order to protect yourself or someone you are concerned about (even if they no longer live in that area). And if you are concerned about possible financial abuse, the Insolvency Register publishes the names of anyone registered as insolvent on their website. All public, free information. Not gossip or rumours, but facts. Listen to your instincts if they’re telling you something isn’t right, and find out for yourself.

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