Goodbye Tommy

I said goodbye to my darling Tommy today. He passed away peacefully in the living room at home in my arms, with the help of his favourite vet, while his wife held me in her arms, and with Sandie sitting nearby. He was surrounded by love. As he surrounded me for his whole life.

I named Tommy from the Japanese word for friend (tomodachi), because he was going to be my special friend. And what a friend he was. But he was also known as Mr Flupsington, Old Codge, Tommallommakins, Wagger Boy, Doodles (from a song I made up called Flupsie Doodle Day), and Tommy Turdface when he was naughty. Which was often. He was Chief Chewer of cardboard, tissues, toilet paper, ¥10,000 notes, Christmas cards, cushions (only expensive ones), and knickers.

He was my almost constant companion for 12 and a half years. When he was a puppy he sat under my desk in my busy publishing office in Tokyo and joined us in Paddy Foleys on a Friday night. He was even on the cover of one of my magazines. He travelled halfway across the world to live in England, where he perched on the stairs to get a better view of me in the kitchen pickling. His favourite days were when I was making Posh Piccalilli because of all the leftover broccoli stalks he got to chew.

He loved and was loved by many who took care of him when I couldn’t or when I had a long day away from the house. You know who you are. Thank you for all the love you gave him, whether you worked alongside him in Tokyo, or visited me/him in Japan or England. The past year I have seen Tommy become an old doggy and in the past weeks I have been caring for a brave but very poorly boy. I would love to be reminded of the stories people have of the younger, naughtier Tommy. Please post some.

I have been astounded and touched by the care that the Sidings Vets team have shown since the flupsies moved to England, and even more so during the past months. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Patrick and Artaine … to be with people and their pets during the most difficult of times is an incredibly tough job, and you do it so very well. We are so lucky to have found you.

I felt all the stress and struggle leave Tommy’s little body when he passed. I cried, smiled, and even laughed. He looked beautiful. I felt him find peace. But I didn’t feel him LEAVE me. He’s still here. I love you Tommy. Thank you for being my tomodachi.

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