Long-distance relationships

Today is my last day with Mr W for two months — I guess this means that as of tomorrow, I will be in a long-distance relationship. I remember writing about them in the relationship section of the Being A Broad book but hadn’t expected to be in one myself. My former student, Ai, and her husband, were in a long-distance relationship before they committed to each other, spending two weeks together every six months, which I can’t really imagine us doing. I guess our situation is a bit different to a lot of people’s — we’re already committed and have had twenty years of getting to know each other. It must be so hard trying to get to know someone long-distance!

The long-term plan is to spend a few months apart while I am in Japan, then a few months together in England again, then I am back to Japan for a few months, then back to England again, etc. etc. It’s going to be hard I know, but I feel like my heart belongs to Mr W and also belongs to Japan. And he understands that.

The time difference will make things difficult — it’s always hard working out a time to Skype England when I’m in Japan. Your heads are in different places because one country is kind of waking up when the other is winding down. And given that I’ll be doing a lot of travelling around Japan too — staying with different friends in Tokyo and then a month in Tohoku — it might be hard to get Internet access to Skype, and also the privacy to be able to talk about what’s going on in our lives while we’re apart.

But then again, if you do have both Internet access and privacy, a long-distance relationship on Skype can bring about all sorts of fun that I certainly won’t be sharing here ; )

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  1. We didn’t use to have Skype back in the days so we used to phone each other on our mobiles for 5 minutes or so on every 2 or 3 days & email every so often, which was very very difficult. One great thing about long distance relationship is that it makes it so special & precious when you can see each other. You value the time you spend with him a lot more. Good luck!!!!! A x

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