Tomorrow’s a day of speeches and interviews!

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy and very interesting day! I’m giving a speech in the morning to the Tokyo Union Church Women’s Society, whose members want to hear all about my adventures in Japan! In about 35 minutes ….. Life changes so quickly for me that every time I do an “adventures” speech, I always find myself putting my life into different phases. Tomorrow I’m covering seven different phases: coming to Japan, the Being A Broad story, becoming an entrepreneur/publisher, my strokes, redefining my work life, and Japanese men (!). The latter is a reference to the new book I am working on.

My TED Talk’s views are currently heading towards 800, which isn’t bad at all. One interesting thing that has come from the video is that I have received quite a few emails from people saying they’d like to see more videos of my talks, so we’re going to try filming tomorrow and making some 5-minute videos of my topics. My intern Patricia is making this a special project of hers. I am sure it will be fun!

Then after that I am having lunch with three Japanese women who run a business for female entrepreneurs ( They want to interview me for their website (actually one of them happened to be at my TED Talk, funnily enough), so I am rushing off to lunch with them after my speech.

A busy but very productive and fun day, I am sure! I’m on my third cold in less than three months so I really hope my voice holds up with all that talking!

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