Hi there …. and welcome! On my website you can find out about my personal and professional adventures in Japan and the UK. I am originally from Devon, but moved to Japan in 1996 where I set up my own publishing company. I’ve been involved in various business activities during my years in Tokyo, especially related to women or education, and even won awards for my work, which still surprises me!

Since the earthquake I have scaled back a little on my business and now focus on Tohoku-related activities and my own writing, although I am publishing various books and periodicals in both Japan and the UK. You can find out about my publications on this site.

You can also find out about my personal interests …. I utterly adore my husband and I write about him and our relationship a lot. I’m stepmum to his two children, mummy to two soppy spaniels, and a worshipping auntie to seven — I write about the children in my life quite a bit too. I get on with my ex-husband and sometimes write about amicable breakups. I care about issues affecting women and especially girls, so sometimes you might find me sharing some strong opinions. I’m a stroke-survivor, and many people come across my site because of that. And I have a rather childish and saucy sense of humour so you have been warned ….

My heart and my time is split between two countries and cultures which makes for some interesting adventures. My house and husband are in The Cotswolds, but my business, belongings, and best friends are in Japan.