Hello, I’m Caroline, and welcome to my website and blog.

I live in Cirencester, The Cotswolds, UK, where I run Auntie Caroline’s Pickled Onions & Chutneys, which has its own website at http://auntiecaroline.co.uk. I am often at the Cirencester markets and supply about 70 shops around the UK.

I have a strong connection to Japan, where I lived for fifteen years, and return for at least a month every year. I go to Oshika-hanto, which is a remote peninsula in the North East of Japan, and was very badly affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. I have raised almost £170,000 for the fishing communities on the peninsula, and have managed over thirty projects there to help these communities rebuild. This website has a lot of information about those projects, and my blog tends to be most active when I am on Oshika.

I have written a number of books, all Japan-related and all non-fiction, and have a few more in the pipeline — one about the multiple strokes I survived in my thirties, one about the fishing communities on Oshika, one about surviving narcissistic abuse, and my first novel. One day, when I’m not pickling or on Oshika, I’ll get round to finishing them!